Southern California Edison Principal Manager, Enterprise Information Governance in Rosemead, California

Job Description


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About Information Governance:

The Information Governance group oversees the management of the company's information assets (records and information) regardless of the storage location or format (including physical and electronic records).This includes maintaining the Records Management Policy at , procedures and the Records Retention Schedule at Compliance/RRS Schedule wo Record Types.pdf , which sets the policies for managing records throughout their lifecycle from creation (or receipt) through disposition; protecting confidential information from unauthorized access; identifying and implementing tools to more effectively manage structured electronic content (e.g. databases) and unstructured content (e.g. MS Office documents) and providing guidelines to OUs for creating and maintaining the quality and integrity of their business records.​ The Information Governance Program structure is designed to ensure company information assets are readily accessible, accurate and complete, protected from unauthorized access and use, and compliant with internal policies and external statutory and regulatory requirements.

Position Overview:

The company is undergoing rapid modernization in the management of its electronic information assets (records, information and data stored in computer systems). Information assets reside in a complex “systems landscape” comprised of diverse technology platforms including structured data systems (e.g., SAP, SCADA, CSS) and unstructured data systems (e.g., OpenText (eDMRM) and Office365) as well as in traditional paper or microfilm records.

The Principal Manager of Enterprise Information Governance (EIG) is responsible for developing a strategic approach to ensure company information assets are properly managed, meeting the goals of records and information accessibility, protection, accuracy and compliance. Specifically the Principal Manager, EIG:

  • Modernizes the EIG technology portfolio, implementing state-of-the-art technical solutions, in coordination with IT.

  • Works closely with OUs on major company initiatives, such as the CSS Re-Platform initiative, Smart Grid, and T&D’s EARA project, to ensure EIG requirements are met.

  • Develops best practices for governance of ever-increasing volumes of data collected on customer energy usage and from electronic sensors placed throughout the grid.

  • Develops governance strategies to comply with internal and external requirements.

  • Oversees the Privacy Compliance and Records Management Programs.

Typical Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for developing and leading SCE’s strategy to manage company information assets by meeting records, information and data management requirements, ensuring the long-term viability of implemented strategies, and devising and implementing new strategies as required by SCE’s rapidly changing information environment. Develops, implements, and maintains a Corporate-wide Information and Records Management infrastructure (people, process, and technology).

  • Responsible for development and implementation of enterprise-wide technical solutions to accomplish long-term Information Governance objectives (in coordination with IT) while ensuring that company-wide information governance issues are identified and associated risks are mitigated. This includes technical solutions to manage records and information across disparate technology platforms such as SAP, CSS, eDMRM (OpenText) and Office 365.

  • Manages the Company's enterprise-wide Information Governance Program, policies and processes. Engages internal and external experts and stakeholders to develop strategies, identify risk associated with company records and information, develop risk mitigation action plans and recommend best practices.

  • Manages a team of in-house consultants with expertise in records and information management, privacy compliance, NERC CIP IPP, and related technologies such as “data loss prevention” (DLP) technology and “enterprise content management” (ECM) systems. Works with IT Cybersecurity Department to manage the identification and mitigation of risks associated with data storage by third parties (e.g., Cloud Service Providers) and data proliferation. Develops and manages programs to improve quality of records and information content, including critical records quality reviews related to critical company operations. Identifies risks and presents them to OU executive management for resolution.

  • Manages the NERC CIP Information Protection Program to ensure that information identified as Bulk Electric System Protected Information is protected in accordance with the NERC CIP requirements. Represents the company in matters relating to Protected Information during audits from NERC agencies such as WECC and works on issue or risk escalation protocols with SCE’s management and subject matter experts to identify risks or compliance issues.

  • Manages resources and budget levels to meet strategic objectives and operational needs. Makes, recommends and approves employment decisions (e.g., hiring, promotion, appropriate pay, rewards/recognition, succession planning, and termination). Manages employee performance for both direct and matrixed reports. Establishes performance expectations and goals aligned with Company objectives, policies and procedures. Manages, trains and develops staff by providing timely feedback, coaching and support. Demonstrates Company values through decisions and actions. Promotes the Company’s safety culture to ensure a safe work environment.


Minimum Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s Degree or higher in Business, Information Technology, Engineering or a related field.

  • Seven (7) or more years of experience with a significant emphasis in information technology, Information Management, Information Protection, Records Management, Records and Information Quality, Project Management, and Risk Management within the utility industry.

  • Six (6) years of management experience leading an organization, unit, or team.

  • Five (5) years of experience leading and managing enterprise-wide projects from inception to completion.

Desired Qualifications:

  • Master’s degree in Business, Information Technology, Engineering or a related field preferred.

  • Fifteen (15) years of experience in Information Technology and Information Management.

  • Ten (10) years of experience in Utility Industry operations and Project Management.

  • Experience in utilizing records and information life cycle management principles, concepts, and issues, including trends in electronic media.

  • Experience with federal and state laws and regulations related to records and information management.

  • Experience consulting on business issues, including gathering and analyzing information, independently identifying client needs, developing action plans and recommendations.

  • Demonstrated experience applying program management and business process management concepts, methods, tools, and techniques, including gap analysis, risk analysis, and performance-based metrics.

  • Demonstrated ability to integrate work across relevant areas, develop the business and services to enhance user satisfaction and productivity, manage risks and safety appropriately, develop and execute business plans, manage information, and provide exceptional service to internal and external users.

  • Experience in effective resource and project planning, decision making, results delivery, team building, and the ability to stay current with relevant technology and innovation.

  • Experience in ethics, influence and negotiation, leadership, interpersonal skills, communication, and the ability to effectively manage stress and engage in continuous learning.

  • Certifications from industry associations such as AIIM, ARMA International, the ICRM or an equivalent professional association (e.g., Certified Information Professional (CIP) from AIIM, or Certified Records Manager (CRM) from ARMA)


  • Candidates for this position must be legally authorized to work directly as employees for any employer in the United States without visa sponsorship.

  • Relocation does not apply to this position.

  • This position has been identified as a NERC/CIP impacted position - Prior to being hired, the successful candidate must pass a Personnel Risk Assessment (PRA) or Background Investigation. Once hired, the candidate must complete specified training prior to gaining un-escorted access to assigned work location and performing necessary job duties.

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